Sunday, August 29, 2010

Secret Spotlight

So there was one secret in this week's Lolita Secrets that had me seriously laughing on the floor.

Here it is:

Now, first of all, my lol'ing has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the picture. It's the text and the message that makes me laugh. For those unaware, Summer vacation is generally regarded as "noob season" because all of the schoolchildren (myself included, of course.) generally have more time to surf the internet, therefore there's an influx of new lolitas, irrelevant posts on EGL, and "itas". This secret is basically saying that "noob season" is almost over, with most schools beginning new terms, and teenagers, children, and young adults having less internet time, with classes and homework and all. It made me laugh in another way because I am pretty much the opposite of this. I post less during the summer, even though I am online more. I've honestly made one post to EGL this entire summer, as opposed to the maybe four I posted during the school year. I'm still reading the same amount of posts and blogs, but I'm just less active. It could be the heat. Also, I'm generally a lot less procrastinative during the school year, as you may or may not see once school starts this week.

So, what did you all think of this week's secrets, particularly this secret? I enjoyed this week's- nothing too "flame-y" or stressful.

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