Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 Ideas for an Autumn Princess

1. Go apple picking in an outfit inspired by your favorite faerietale- Little Red Riding Hood or Sleeping Beauty.

2. Go to the many carnivals that take place during October- old carousels, Ferris wheels, and haunted houses beckon your way!

3. Dry leaves in books and then make collages out of them. Frame and hang for pretty seasonal artwork.

4. Host or attend a Halloween party- I'm attending two on the same night, in the same place! *My boyfriend's little brother's birthday party first, and then the "grown-up" party, still at their house, after- I'm very excited. ♥*

5. Explore the Halloween section of any department store- am I the only one that squees at nearly everything in a Halloween section? The goth in me just comes out full-swing! I want to get some of the realistic fake weapons they are selling at Target this year- I want the mace and shield!! Not for a costume, just to have, ♥, or for music videos! Also, I already bought a pack of glow-in-the-dark bats, and they are swinging from my ceiling! Did any of you used to have those glow-in-the-dark stars glued to your ceiling? I know I did!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Secret Spotlight #2

There were a couple of secrets in this week's post that mad me think, laugh, cry! <3 Sorry this is so late, but I was over my Prince's house all day. Also sorry for lack of updates. I just haven't been myself lately, I haven't been smiling I'll try to work on it some more, I promise.

This made me laugh. So much. I don't know a single person with a computer who hasn't illegally downloaded music, myself included. However, I have nothing against replicas, so.

This one didn't gross me out at all, as I was probably expected to- I laughed! A lot, actually- it was pretty much a giggle fest! I really enjoyed this secret, not because I agree, but because it makes me think of some of the outrageous fantasies and fetishes that people have. Not that it's a bad thing- there what makes things unique and fun!



Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Events: Brimfield Antique Fair

Today, I visited the Brimfield Antique fair's last event for 2010. The fair takes place in Brimfield, (where else?) Massachusetts, the second weekends of May, July, and September. I go every single event to buy teacups from the same vendor every time. I also buy other things, sometimes, but we mostly go to get teacups and wander around.

One of the many reasons I like going to the fair is that, seeing all the pretty furniture and decorations, I can think about my future with my prince. ♥  I often joke to the King and Queen, with, "This is what my house will be filled with when I 'grow up'..." teehee. ♥ Really though, I always find beautiful things at such amazing prices here! For instance, we found working stone fountains, some with lions and the like, or some with globes or fish, for only $95 USD each!! That's so inexpensive, for something so beautiful and tranquil....!

Yes, I'm just about lame enough to take a picture of myself in a mirror...
(Pardon my face, I was laughing at my father laughing at me for doing this. ha! also my face looks a bit chubby here.   owo   probably because I was looking down, at my phone screen. haha!)

This is what I wore today! I dressed for winter because my mother told me it was going to be cold and we were spending all day outside. >< First to a birthday party in a park, and then to the fair, so I dressed warmly.... at least I was comfortable, even though it wasn't cold at all. *laughs*

I wore a crimson dress, two pairs of black tights, black boots, a white coat, and a black headband.

I'll post more soon, probably tomorrow- I have a speech to write, a shower to take, and some serious sleep is needed to make it through tomorrow! Oh how I hate Mondays *laughs*