Sunday, September 12, 2010

Events: Brimfield Antique Fair

Today, I visited the Brimfield Antique fair's last event for 2010. The fair takes place in Brimfield, (where else?) Massachusetts, the second weekends of May, July, and September. I go every single event to buy teacups from the same vendor every time. I also buy other things, sometimes, but we mostly go to get teacups and wander around.

One of the many reasons I like going to the fair is that, seeing all the pretty furniture and decorations, I can think about my future with my prince. ♥  I often joke to the King and Queen, with, "This is what my house will be filled with when I 'grow up'..." teehee. ♥ Really though, I always find beautiful things at such amazing prices here! For instance, we found working stone fountains, some with lions and the like, or some with globes or fish, for only $95 USD each!! That's so inexpensive, for something so beautiful and tranquil....!

Yes, I'm just about lame enough to take a picture of myself in a mirror...
(Pardon my face, I was laughing at my father laughing at me for doing this. ha! also my face looks a bit chubby here.   owo   probably because I was looking down, at my phone screen. haha!)

This is what I wore today! I dressed for winter because my mother told me it was going to be cold and we were spending all day outside. >< First to a birthday party in a park, and then to the fair, so I dressed warmly.... at least I was comfortable, even though it wasn't cold at all. *laughs*

I wore a crimson dress, two pairs of black tights, black boots, a white coat, and a black headband.

I'll post more soon, probably tomorrow- I have a speech to write, a shower to take, and some serious sleep is needed to make it through tomorrow! Oh how I hate Mondays *laughs*

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