Sunday, September 19, 2010

Secret Spotlight #2

There were a couple of secrets in this week's post that mad me think, laugh, cry! <3 Sorry this is so late, but I was over my Prince's house all day. Also sorry for lack of updates. I just haven't been myself lately, I haven't been smiling I'll try to work on it some more, I promise.

This made me laugh. So much. I don't know a single person with a computer who hasn't illegally downloaded music, myself included. However, I have nothing against replicas, so.

This one didn't gross me out at all, as I was probably expected to- I laughed! A lot, actually- it was pretty much a giggle fest! I really enjoyed this secret, not because I agree, but because it makes me think of some of the outrageous fantasies and fetishes that people have. Not that it's a bad thing- there what makes things unique and fun!



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