Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday: Daisy Blue

Image from WeHeartIt

Ahh, Spring, you will soon be upon us! That's why I chose Yukari Tamura's "Daisy Blue" as this week's Whimsical Wednesday. Everytime I hear this song, I can't help but think of fields of flowers, climbing trees, and sleeping in the sunlight. I absolutely adore spring! My next post will be about how to wear some of the clothes you already have during warm- but not poiling- weather.

Since I couldn't find the translation for this one, I'm just going to put the romanized lyrics.

Kitto mou kinai
Itsumo itsumo homete kureta
KUROOZETTO kakushita

Kimi ga aishita watashi wo
Zenbu yamechau wa
Motto kakkoii hito
Sekaijuu ni iru wa

Hitori machi wo arukeba
Kinou kenka shita koto mo
Tooi mukashi ni sugu
Nacchau no yo
Samishiku nai

Nande darou hitori de ni
Afure dasu namida de
PINTO awase miagetara
Kimi ga inai kimi to inai
Aa tada sore dake
Demo sora wa konna ni mo mizuiro
Kie kaketa hana no mizuiro

Kitto mou konai
Hashagu koe de
Machiawaseta KAFE
Saigo kurai wa
cool girl kidotte

Kimi ga araware donna ni
Ayamatte mo dame
Fun tto soppo wo muite
Shiran furi suru wa

Oki ni iri no sufure ga
Kyou mo fuwari fukurande
Hitorijime shita
Gin no SUPUUN wa
Shikae shina no

Nande darou doushite yo
Kushukushu ni shibomu no
Potsuri ochita ame tsubu wa
Kimi no koto kimi no kotoba wo
Sagashi hajimeteru
Mune wo kakimi dasu mizuiro
Kirameku shizuku wa mizuiro

Nande darou hitori de ni
Afuredasu namida de
PINTO awaseta
Hitomi ni utsutta hito
Kimi ga warau kimi to warau
Aa kuyashi sugiru kara
Soppo muite sasayaita no
Daisuki yo

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let's Play Dress Up!

Some clothes of mine, failed outfit attempts left and right! (in case anyone's curious, these are (clockwise) a skirt, a lace blouse, a sock, and a camisole that I slept in last night.)

Let's face it- It takes a long time to get dressed up! This morning, it took me almost 20 minutes ( to be exact, it took me 19:11:21) just for my makeup alone. So, what can a girl do to make things easier on herself?

♥ Pick your outfits the night before. It may seem obvious, but sometimes it really makes a big difference! Admitedly, I'm guilty of not doing this all of the time either- I don't always have my outfits lying out, BUT! Yes, there is a 'but'- I always at least decide on what to wear in my head before I fall asleep the night before. Then, it's only a matter of finding everything and putting it on. ("Where in the world is my other sock?!?!" anyone?)

Have a "Go-To" outfit. For those spontanious outings or for days when you're running late. Have a dress or outfit that is simple, but good-looking, that you rarely wear (therefore it is usually clean and available). Mine is a black silk dress with purple ribbon and a floral embroidery underneath the bustline, black strappy heels and a black cardigan. Black tights are optional- I usually go without them unless I have cuts or bruises on my legs or I have forgotten to shave.

Myself clad in bloomers and a tank top- oh my! Scandalous! Really, though- my vanity was defiantly not organized on this day! You can see (from left to right) powdered foundation, honey, deodorant, nail polish, a hairbrush, hair gel, hair spray, and baby powder. My oh my! It's a jungle in here!

♥ Know what you're doing before you do it. Learn makeup tricks before hand- watch or read tutorials, read magazine articles, or observe pictures you like and infer the techniques used to get the look. Then practice, practice, practice. If you try out a new technique the day you need it, you're likely to make mistakes and it will take much time.

♥ Stay Organized! This one is extremely important! If you know where everything is, you won't have to spend time looking for anything. I'm very guilty of not following this- I often lose socks and accessories. For instance, just this morning, I was almost ready, just add earrings and a few accessories- okay, a brooch, a headband, an earring- where on earth is my other earring?! Yes, I couldn't find one of my faux pearl earrings, so I had to settle for a pair of golden seashell-shaped earrings instead. It didn't make much of a difference- but just think, I could have saved the 2-3 minutes I spent looking for it on something else. Also, keep makeup and beauty treatments organized. I keep everything in a big jewelry box I got for Christmas a few years ago. Since I do not own much jewelry, I use this box for makeup and hairclips and ribbons, as well as my few brooches, necklaces and earrings. My vanity also has a drawer where I keep plastic containers full of my miscellaneous products such as temporary hair dye, nail polish, nail polish remover, and makeup scarcely used. All of the makeup I use regularly (which is really only three eyeliners, three mascaras, nail glue and an eyelash curler) in a drawer of my jewelry box. The things I don't use (i.e. various lipglosses given as Christmas and birthday presents) are kept in the vanity drawer. It helps to get ready quickly if you know where everything that you need is!

I hope that this will help you ladies (and gentleman) to dress more quickly and efficiently, even in a pinch.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Little Things

It's the little things that I fall in love with,
The cold touch of my i-pod,
even in the summer heat.
My favorite song comes on-
Haven't heard
in but a year.
A Hello-Kitty bandage
covering a painful, 
stinging wound.
But the best, 
the best of all the little things throughout my day
Was your moment, holding me, 
when you suddenly became gentle,
and the kiss you placed
lovingly upon my forehead,
which I feel hours later, sitting at my desk.
I can feel the adoration,
I smile,
and I think:
"I know I will do good tomorrow, too."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday: Suna no Oshiro

Yes, that's right, I'm actually on time for once! And I'm going to have another post up today, as well. I'm sorry I've been so inactive! Anyway, this week I chose the song "Suna no Oshiro" by Kanon Wakeshima. The twist? I sung along to the music box version. ♥  Music boxes make me feel so much like a little gothic princess, no matter what I'm wearing. I like hearing the music box versions of songs that I like because I can hear all of the little melodies and chimes.... ♥ Anyway, please enjoy, and here are the English lyrics!

Listen to it here!

In a quietly withering castle, is a thirsty time of change
An ash colored me is vanishing slowly
Are you watching?

Gather the stars and build a castle of sand

Where I utter my soft prayer
Ambushed by those footsteps falling into dust, flowing away...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday: Electro World

I'm sorry, another late post!! This one is especially bad because I both forgot it was Wednesday so therefor did not have a song picked out, and also, this was recorded at nine thirty at night. So, enjoy, "Electro World" by Perfume!

This street continued to run ahead
It should have been written in a map but I can't find the town
and as I turned around to look at that place the scenery changed
This world is our last electro world
The ground is shivering and broken, and the sun has fallen from the sky lightly into my hand

The truth, above all, has been recognized
I'll leave the world's plan behind in this letter

Aa aaa aa aaa
Aa aaa oh yea electro world

There was a cat going through the city however it was flying through the sky
Even if you exist, reality isn't here, that's why

Aa aaa aa aaa
Aa aaa oh yea electro world

I can see it all, I can feel it all and although
it's not reality, I certainly exist
This street continued to run ahead
It should have been written in a map but I can't find the town
And as I turned around to look at that place the scenery changed
This world is our last electro world
The ground is shivering and broken and the sun has fallen from the sky lightly into my hand

It fell lightly into my hand...

This world's switch was pushed by someone
Aaa very soon this electro world will disappear.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Only a Best Friend Will Tell You When Your Bloomers are Showing

(Image from WeHeartIt)

This may not apply to everyone, but I feel that, as lolitas, it is hard for us to make very close friends with people whom are not lolita. The reason for this- They simply don't get us!

As lolita, we need someone(s) who will:

 ♥ Listen to our endless ranting about whatever it is- be it losing an auction on Mbok, or shipping from China on a TaoBao order taking too long- let's face it, girls- most of us rant. A lot.
♥ Tell us their honest opinions on clothes we want to buy.
♥ Let us know what they think of our coordinates- does this skirt go with these socks? Or THIS skirt with THESE socks!?

And, most importantly-

♥ Tell us when our bloomers are peeking out from underneath our skirts in the back!

I am fortunate enough to have a very open-minded best friend. She gives me her honest opinion on everything and happily sits through my ranting. Her thoughts (and she tells me this everytime I don't tell her something for fear of being selfish.) are "You'll feel better if you tell someone!" She's extremely supportive of me both being a princess and also a lolita. In fact, I once showed her a picture of a Hime girl and she said "EW!  I hate it!" so I pointed out, "That's the style I wear." and she replies, unhesitatingly, "Yeah, but you make it look good!" ♥ She also really likes Classic Lolita and would like to get a Victorian Maiden replica soon.

In summary, I am very fortunate to have such an open-minded friend.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday: "Koi wa Sensou"

(Image from WeHeartIt)

So, Wednesday has come upon us once again. That means it's time for another song cover! Well, to be honest, I really didn't want to do this one, not today, at least. Long story short- I'm having a very bad argument with my prince right now. I just don't know what to do with him anymore- but that is not the point. The point is that, as much as some of us, myself included, hate to admit- princesses get upset too. And I chose this song to show that it is okay to be upset- as long as you handle it correctly. The posts in the next couple days will be themed in that fashion as well. But for now, here is week number 2- "Koi wa Sensou" ("Love is War") by VOC@LOID! 

There’s no longer a place     for this passion(lit: heat of love) to go.
Ashen clouds     Monochrome activity     The sun’s rays linger.
Twilight’s color is changing.
This world is blurry,     but, somehow, I still love you.
I understand,     but what should I do?     What can I do?     What should I do?
What an idiot     I am.
Shall we begin?     This is war.     Just look at how happy you are!
Passionate love?
That’s a sin.     Let me show you     my feelings.

(I'm sorry this post is very late- I actually recorded it and wrote most of it on Wedneswday, but then I became
too busy to post it!!)