Saturday, April 3, 2010

On Innocence...

What is innocence? People have different ideas on what is considered innocent. "Children are innocent", some say. "Animals are innocent", some say. My personal favorite in the relem of difference is "You are only innocent if you are not guilty."

According to that logic, you are only innocent if you haven't done anything bad. In which case, no person could be innocent. One may only be innocent in a situation. I, personally, do not think that is the case. Here are some other ideas on what people consider innocent:
(all from WeHeartIt)

I, personally believe with the last two the most. I believe that innocence is a state of mind that all princesses once had in them, and that all princesses should rediscover. Being innocent is a state of being pure and unbothered. A time where the world could be on fire and you wouldn't notice. There is a time, place, or thing in every princess's life that will make her innocent- even if she doesn't know it. For a lot of us, it's something in nature. For me, it's being in the woods and finding wildflowers with someone close to me. Being in the ocean or lakes or ponds and chasing the little fish that dash around. Every girl deserves to feel innocent and calm and pure- it just takes a bit of time.

Being innocent can also refer to acting a bit naive and playful, like a child. According to my best friend, I am innocent around certain people and at certain times. I completely understand what she means by this. When I am innocent, I soften my voice and smile more. I get a little playful and bouncy- acting like there's nothing wrong with the world. When I feel innocent, I find it so much easier to laugh and go stressless for a while. Some people mistake it for flirting, when it certainly is not.

Princess Challenge #1

Find your sense of innocence. It doesn't matter if it lies in a place, a person, or a thing- just find and embrace your sense of innocence.

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