Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let's Play Dress Up!

Some clothes of mine, failed outfit attempts left and right! (in case anyone's curious, these are (clockwise) a skirt, a lace blouse, a sock, and a camisole that I slept in last night.)

Let's face it- It takes a long time to get dressed up! This morning, it took me almost 20 minutes ( to be exact, it took me 19:11:21) just for my makeup alone. So, what can a girl do to make things easier on herself?

♥ Pick your outfits the night before. It may seem obvious, but sometimes it really makes a big difference! Admitedly, I'm guilty of not doing this all of the time either- I don't always have my outfits lying out, BUT! Yes, there is a 'but'- I always at least decide on what to wear in my head before I fall asleep the night before. Then, it's only a matter of finding everything and putting it on. ("Where in the world is my other sock?!?!" anyone?)

Have a "Go-To" outfit. For those spontanious outings or for days when you're running late. Have a dress or outfit that is simple, but good-looking, that you rarely wear (therefore it is usually clean and available). Mine is a black silk dress with purple ribbon and a floral embroidery underneath the bustline, black strappy heels and a black cardigan. Black tights are optional- I usually go without them unless I have cuts or bruises on my legs or I have forgotten to shave.

Myself clad in bloomers and a tank top- oh my! Scandalous! Really, though- my vanity was defiantly not organized on this day! You can see (from left to right) powdered foundation, honey, deodorant, nail polish, a hairbrush, hair gel, hair spray, and baby powder. My oh my! It's a jungle in here!

♥ Know what you're doing before you do it. Learn makeup tricks before hand- watch or read tutorials, read magazine articles, or observe pictures you like and infer the techniques used to get the look. Then practice, practice, practice. If you try out a new technique the day you need it, you're likely to make mistakes and it will take much time.

♥ Stay Organized! This one is extremely important! If you know where everything is, you won't have to spend time looking for anything. I'm very guilty of not following this- I often lose socks and accessories. For instance, just this morning, I was almost ready, just add earrings and a few accessories- okay, a brooch, a headband, an earring- where on earth is my other earring?! Yes, I couldn't find one of my faux pearl earrings, so I had to settle for a pair of golden seashell-shaped earrings instead. It didn't make much of a difference- but just think, I could have saved the 2-3 minutes I spent looking for it on something else. Also, keep makeup and beauty treatments organized. I keep everything in a big jewelry box I got for Christmas a few years ago. Since I do not own much jewelry, I use this box for makeup and hairclips and ribbons, as well as my few brooches, necklaces and earrings. My vanity also has a drawer where I keep plastic containers full of my miscellaneous products such as temporary hair dye, nail polish, nail polish remover, and makeup scarcely used. All of the makeup I use regularly (which is really only three eyeliners, three mascaras, nail glue and an eyelash curler) in a drawer of my jewelry box. The things I don't use (i.e. various lipglosses given as Christmas and birthday presents) are kept in the vanity drawer. It helps to get ready quickly if you know where everything that you need is!

I hope that this will help you ladies (and gentleman) to dress more quickly and efficiently, even in a pinch.

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