Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Only a Best Friend Will Tell You When Your Bloomers are Showing

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This may not apply to everyone, but I feel that, as lolitas, it is hard for us to make very close friends with people whom are not lolita. The reason for this- They simply don't get us!

As lolita, we need someone(s) who will:

 ♥ Listen to our endless ranting about whatever it is- be it losing an auction on Mbok, or shipping from China on a TaoBao order taking too long- let's face it, girls- most of us rant. A lot.
♥ Tell us their honest opinions on clothes we want to buy.
♥ Let us know what they think of our coordinates- does this skirt go with these socks? Or THIS skirt with THESE socks!?

And, most importantly-

♥ Tell us when our bloomers are peeking out from underneath our skirts in the back!

I am fortunate enough to have a very open-minded best friend. She gives me her honest opinion on everything and happily sits through my ranting. Her thoughts (and she tells me this everytime I don't tell her something for fear of being selfish.) are "You'll feel better if you tell someone!" She's extremely supportive of me both being a princess and also a lolita. In fact, I once showed her a picture of a Hime girl and she said "EW!  I hate it!" so I pointed out, "That's the style I wear." and she replies, unhesitatingly, "Yeah, but you make it look good!" ♥ She also really likes Classic Lolita and would like to get a Victorian Maiden replica soon.

In summary, I am very fortunate to have such an open-minded friend.

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