Friday, October 8, 2010


Sooo basically I was forced to move my blog due to some harassment and online bullying. I'm not announcing where I am moving to due to the fact that it would completely ruin the point of moving. So goodbye for now, and if any of you read this and find me again, welcome anew. <3

Sunday, October 3, 2010

On Charisma...

Charisma. Noun. [kuh-riz-muh]. Noun. 

 1. a special personal quality or power of an individual making him/her capable of influencing or inspiring large numbers of people.
2. a quality inherent in a thing which inspires great enthusiasm and devotion.

Charisma is a very vital skill not only for Princesses and Lolitas, but anyone living in society as a human. Charisma is, in my opinion, a combination between confidence, courage, credibility, and grace that allows your words to appeal to large groups of people. If you have charisma, you have the power to make people believe, motivate, inspire, and give confidence to others. This makes many things in your life easier. Have a new idea to announce at a business meeting? Charisma. Job interview? Charisma. Running for office, both in school or legally? Charisma. Charisma is very important in many things in life.

Historically, women, upon coming of age, would be presented to all of the local bachelors in a debutant ball. She would be asked to dance by all of the men there. Everyone in this situation would need a healthy amount of charisma! Whomever is presenting the woman would need to convince the bachelors that she would make a good wife. Every man would be asking her to dance, thus, in a way, advertising themselves. Now how would it go if the young lady were to be too shy to dance with any of the men? Well, that just would not do! The point of the ball was to take the first steps into setting up a marriage for the young woman, and therefor she must allow herself to get to know all of the men at the ball.

Charisma can be attained in many ways. One way is to practice speaking to yourself in a mirror several times a week. Watch your posture, try not to stutter, and speak with a smile. Another, which is the way I am going about it, is to take a public speaking class. Although I did not actually sign up for the class as an elective (I was given it because the other elective I had chosen was either full or the time had coincided with another class I'm taking, however, I really admire the teacher, and it's only a half-year class, so I didn't bother trying to switch it.) Although I've only been in this class for about a month, I've already gotten a lot more charismatic. I'm naturally a very opinionated person, and in my blood, I am a peacemaker, therefor, it's always been that whenever I see something unjust or wrong, I speak up. That is much harder to do in this school as I really don't know anyone and it may come off as being aloof or elite. However, thanks to this class, I'm speaking up more than ever (however, that may just be do to the fact that pretty much all of the students in this school are extremely ignorant... hmm...)  Also, I've gotten better at speaking slowly, or quickly, depending on the situations. Generally, I've become a lot better at speaking to people both in public, and one-on-one. I've gained more charisma.

I'm sorry I've not been updating lately- life's been throwing me for loops all over the place. It's been hard. There's only a few places I feel safe, and none of them are here. Maybe I'll start posting poetry and short stories here, for the sake of uploading more? How would you feel about that?