Thursday, May 27, 2010

We're having fun on the

We're having fun on the bus. <3 (( im in the back on the right lol. ))

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Off on a Trip...!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I've not posted in a few days, but I do have a good reason. I have an overnight field trip tomorrow morning! I'm not going to say where I'm going just yet, but I will tell you when I get back, so most likely on Saturday. But, the good part for YOU girls is that you get to see ((dun dun duuuun)) many pictures and two reviews!!

The products I will be reviewing are Avon's Lavander eye pillow, and an Herbal Shampoo set that was purchased in Foxwoods. The set includes shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and a lotion. I like the looks of the ingredient lists- mostly because it does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, often used in shampoos and is known to be very bad for your hair. As for the eye pillow, its simply a lavender silken sack filled with flax seeds and dried lavender flowers. The flax seed is designed to put slight pressure on your under-eyes, which theoretically supposed to reduce bags and puffiness. Lavender is a known natural relaxant and is designed to calm you. The package that the pouch came in used the examples of jet-lag and long, stressfull nights. Well, I fear this could be both, ahah.

Although I said I would not be revealing the location until after I return home, I will reveal the basic information of what we are doing. Firstly, we are visiting two museums, then going to our hotel for the first time. From there, we *should* have a bit of time to get changed, freshen up, or generally just chill out. Then there is the part that I am most exited about- A Medieval Nights Dinner Show!!!!

I'm extremely exited about this. Basically it is dinner- with a twist. In the theme of being Medieval, you must eat with your hands. While I am not so exited about this part, I am exited about the fact that it is set up like a royal court- complete with "cast" members that compete in competitions! And while they are cast members, they are not acting. They are really trying to go against each other! There are seven competitions total, although the only one I know details about is the fact that there will be jousting.

So that will be my trip. I will post in MUCH more detail upon my return.

And now, even though this is not the main part of this post, I would like to tell you a little bit about my day. I had been very nervous about going on this trip since Monday, and it only made it worse that my Prince was not going and was staying home. I was feeling very stressed out and nervous, but after our mothers conversed a bit, his mother, Miss Stacey, offered for me to come over after school- even though she would not be home for the majority of the day- as long as we would agree to help my Prince's little brother, Jay, watch their baby sister Tori. Of coarse I said yes, although I knew it would be uncomfortable to be in a house alone with two boys watching a two-year-old girl. But at the same time, I felt safe as I knew neither of them would make me uncomfortable or "try anything", so to speak, that I wouldn't agree to.

Well, to sum it up, I had a wonderful time. While Jay was watching Tori, my Prince and I were up in his bed chambers and he somehow had convinced me to play a shooting game with him. Although I do love video games, I had never ever played a shooting game before, neither did I want to. But, with a bit of convincing, I agreed. He had to teach me every single control in the game, but I know that he didn't mind and he wanted me to learn. While teaching me the controls, he says "Now shoot me." In panic, I looked at him and said "What?! N-No!" With a grin on his face, he replied, dead seriously, "Shoot me before I shoot you!" and began to try to shoot me in-game. Naturally I fought back and ended up killing him. While I was busy frantically apologizing, "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!!!", he grinned again and said "No, that was great! Good job!!"

Then he brought out the "bots", as in the actual enemies, as we were fighting on a team. Well I was a little worried, but I got very used to it after a while. At first I was doing bad and he had to give me tips, the most important being "See, don't stand out in the open like that. Go into one of the hallways or up the stairs." Eventually he built a fort by blasting out some of the walls with a rocket launcher, then had us both hide in it. One thing I found very funny was him being protective of me, even in a game! At one point I got killed and he said "Let me kill that mother****er." I said, "Why?" and he replied, in a half-mumble, "No one shoots my girl... only I can shoot my girl." Although he meant it as a serious statement, I could not help myself from laughing!

In the end of the game, I had a kill count of about 18 or 19, while his was at 22 or 23. He was pretty surprised, (( "I've never seen a girl do so good on her first try!", and yes, he is a bit sexist at times.)) and he seemed proud of me, which made me very happy, although I continuously thought during game play, "Wow, A princess killing people. A bit off.", but upon remembering Sniper Nyan of Aesthetic Lolita, I realized that it may well be alright. Even if it felt strange for me, I was happy to have done well with something I was uncomfortable with. That, in my opinion, has always been what I've felt being a princess is all about, being willing to try anything and perfecting any skill that fancies her. The sad thing is that I'm not even sure what game we were playing!! ((Although I'm fairly certain that it is called Dead Lock))

(((This next part is not very lady-like, so please skip it if you will be insulted.)))

After that, I explained to him that I was nervous about leaving. He told me that he didn't exactly like it either, but that everything would be alright. He held me and somehow we ended up French kissing in his bed. As vulgar as it sounds, it made me feel safe and happy and comfortable. I don't remember ever feeling that loved.

Why am I telling this, you may ask? Well I would like to prove that no princess is perfect. I often let my lady-like repertoire slip for the sake of romance. I will act vulgar and inappropriate and generally like a teenager ((albeit a respectable one)) if it will make me comfortable and happy. Although many times I refrain from doing something for the simple reason "Well a true lady wouldn't do that," love is not one of those cases. I am willing to act as wrong as necessary to make sure that I am happy, and you should all be willing to do that as well.

In conclusion, I will post when I am back, and please wish me luck and a safe trip. <3

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What do you see here? I see a butterfly.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Little Faerie's home in the woods...

"I imagine that a young faerie lives here," said the small princess with stars in her eyes...

Life: Speech on Lolita

From WeHeartIt
Today I would like to share with you all an experience that I had earlier this week that I feel was a bit revolutionary in my life. For my English class, we started a unit on public speaking. I was not too thrilled to be doing this, as I much prefer preforming to speaking, but alas. First we did a speech on a mathematics topic, which I didn't mind much besides the fact that I presented first out of my entire grade, and also when I was presenting, the Velcro I had used for the interactive portion of my poster fell off and caused the poster to fall off of the wall that we were using. Yes, not very fun. Anyway, the second speech we did was on a hobby of ours. Well to be honest I don't have many hobbies that I would be able to talk about. I like drawing, animating, singing, and blogging, but how does one explain how to do those? (("Hello, my name is Addie and I like to draw. To do this, you get a pencil and a surface. You hold the pencil in your hand.... and then you move...your....wrist...... and that's about it. Any questions?")) So I decided to talk about a hobby that is not really a hobby- Lolita.

Talking to my classmates about Lolita was something I never thought I would do. When asked to compare this experience to something, I would say that it is like telling a stranger that you're home alone- you just don't do it. I get enough nay-Sayer's comments on what I wear, (("stupid Japanese whore", anyone? Best part is, I'm not Japanese, and the outfit I was wearing that day exposed literally no skin besides my hands, neck, and face.)) without anyone having the extra bait to go by. In this way, you could say that I was a "secret Lolita". Even though I wore it nearly every day, no one knew anything about it or why I was wearing it, or even that is is a specific fashion and subculture. Who knows what they would do if they had the extra information to go by? But I decided to speak about it anyway.

In my speech, I first gave a very brief history on it, including by saying that it was popularized by Mana, whom is a cross-dresser and very popular rock-star, and that it became popular in the 1990's in Harajuku and that it spread worldwide some years later. I also explained that Mana came up with the term "EGL", short for "Elegant Gothic Lolita", which is also the name of the community where the majority of us converse and share information. I then explained some of the things that us lolita's wear, although since my speech was limited to a three-minute time frame, I only explained the head-eating bow, blouse, petticoat, and bloomers, and then I very quickly discussed brand vs. offbrand. Although my speech was not very spectacular and I was so nervous I was continuously looking down and messing with the sleeve-cuffs on my cardigan, the questions that my classmates asked me left me absolutely amazed and bewildered. They showed some amazing interest.

One question I got was from one of the "popular" girls in my class, Taylor. She asked if I owned any "real brand" clothing. I explained that although I did have some clothes from cheaper brands, I did not own any of the more expensive brands, mainly because I do not really want to spend $150 on a skirt, and also that I would be too afraid of spilling something on it to even wear it, so it defeated the purpose.

Another question was from our "class-clown", Connor. He asked me if Lolita was only for girls, and I absolutely could not hide my smile. I said no, there are men who wear Lolita, too, which we refer to as "brolitas". They wear full-on Lolita- skirt, petticoat and all. Or, if that's too much for some guys, there are other fashions that are similar to Lolita especially for men, such as Dandy and Kodana.

A girl named Melanie also asked me a very interesting question. She asked me where you could buy Lolita offline, in the states. I told her that while there are no Lolita stores anywhere near us, people have been able to find clothing that may be used in Lolita in stores such as Forever21 and The Wet Seal. ((I completely forgot to mention Tokyo Rebel and Baby's San Fransisco stores!!!))

My best friend, Miss Courtney, asked me what my favorite brand is. This was an extremely hard question for me to answer, because, although my favorite brand is Dear Celine, I didn't really want to get into the China Brands, so I said that my favorite brands are Angelic Pretty and Moi-Meme-Moitie, which, is not completely untrue as these are my second favorite brands.

However, my prayer to avoid talking about the China brands went unanswered. Brandon, that one kid most of us cannot stand, who had mostly been asking people confusing and just plain strange questions, asked me "About the brands you mentioned, are those only in Japan?" I said no, there were also brands in China, that were generally cheaper but a bit harder to get a hold of, such as Rose Melody, Dear Celine, and The Dream of Lolita. I then went on to mention the American brands- I Do Declare and Candy Violet. (I completely forgot to mention Lily of the Valley, which makes me sad because I adore that brand!!!)

And now, people have been asking me questions and making comments about everything. My dear friend Matt, whom is basically my older brother, talks to me about it openly, so much as asking Miss Courtney why she isn't a Lolita- she just shrugged, so I said "It's just not her style," and she nodded very frantically.

However, as I had predicted, Lolita has brought some negative attention to me. Not as much as I would have imagined, but the one negative thing that happened was enough to leave me feeling very violated and uncomfortable. This happened to me today. I was sitting in the cafeteria for one of my classes and the "class-clown", Connor, sat on the side of the table to my right, so next to me, but on a corner/angle. He looked directly at my lap and then started touching my thigh, asking, "Are you wearing one of those puffy things under here?"

I tried to keep my composure and be nice, so I said "Yes, and please stop touching me." but, alas, he continued. So I said once more "Please stop touching me." and still he wouldn't. So I ended up just hopping into the seat next to mine and avoiding him as much as possible. I swear, thank goodness my Prince didn't see this, or I fear Connor would not have a head anymore. Nonetheless I am going to tell my Prince, as many of my classmates have been sexually harassing me lately and I am getting very tired of it. Alas, I'm alright- so please do not worry, not a bit.

So I hope that my experience has inspired you to share your passions with your peers, as well, because, even with the negative effects that I have received, it was definitely worth sharing.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday: Joey Had A Smoke

 I'm really sorry I haven't been able to post lately! I was sick for a week or two and was unable to post, and lately I've had a few life-changing experiences that have left me a little tongue-tied. To be put bluntly, my prince is teaching me how to let go. To be completely honest, I've never let a single thing go, not once in my entire conscious life. I've held the anger of every single argument I've ever had within myself, and I know that's not healthy. But, to be honest, I never knew I was doing it. My prince was very, very angry at me. More angry than I've ever seen him be, face-to-face. I was extremely scared, but he did have a point. So now, he is slowly teaching me how to let go of all the anger from when we've fought before. I'm happy, because he has a bad habit of holding things I have done or said against me for the longest time. I do (did) that also. But now, we've both agreed to have a fresh start. I'm very happy and I feel this will teach me lessons that I will use the rest of my life, with or without him.

I chose this song as the last reminent of my anger towards him from our old fights. After this post, I will not be angry about any of this anymore. So now, I bring you, a song from my favorite band and obsession, "Joey Had A Smoke" by Meg and Dia!!!

((They sat through the night
In an empty apartment
Three older gentlemen came inside
And they brought wine and cards and chocolate
And Joey smoked on a cigar and came back in
So you think he’s something special do you mean?))

He is no one

He is a stranger I met on the street

He stared through hard, cold insolent eyes

Turned his gaze with her
Fear hidden quite secure under blank features
Protruding middle she sat unashamed
She read his judgment on his concerned face
With slight sarcasm he addressed her case
"Is it too much to ask to know about your lover’s name?"

He is no one

He is a stranger I met on the street
He never touched me
You’re all I need
And will ever need

But his eyes won’t be almond like yours nor blue like mine

With all the sins of the world in the iris
There’s no false blood
But you will love him
He’s from Gold Gardens
Our help before Atlas was ever born, alright

He is no one

He is no one
Stranger I met on the street
He never touched me
You’re all I need
And will ever need

He is no one

He is no one
Stranger I met on the street

((They sat through the night))

Saturday, May 8, 2010

On Getting Inspiration

On outfits, that is!! Getting inspiration for your outfits can be a strange and magnificent thing. The interesting thing about it is that most people won't even know that you were inspired by something!! Well, I've come up with three different outfits inspired by various things to get you started.


Here is a picture that I drew for the purpose of this post. This picture, in turn, is inspired by my favorite Ice-cream flavor, Crazy Vanilla!! See how inspiration works?

And here is the outfit made to compliment it-

Outfit Rundown-
Pastel Bracelet and Necklace - Syverson Design
Bow Bracelet- 6% Doki Doki
Bow Belt- Asos
Hairbow - Amazon
Socks - Hot Topic
Skirt - AsiaJam

I was extremely surprised I was able to find a necklace perfectly similar to my design!! But the interesting thing about being inspired is that nothing has to be exact. For instance, the socks in my drawing are cotton, but the ones in the outfit are a very thin fishnet. Also, the reds are different, and the sandals here are flat instead of wedges.


Yes that is right, I am imploring you to observe food. Well I was inspired by mint-flavor ice-cream, and this is how that turned out.

Summer Set
Summer Set by interncineangels on

Everything here is by Angelic Pretty.

Mint and pink, mainly because I love them as a set. <3 It's also a very summery and light outfit. I pictured a picnic date while creating this one. <3


I mainly chose to do this one because, for a very long time, I had been wanting to try to create an outfit based one a song by my absolute favorite band, Meg and Dia. (Yes, it is a sick obsession I have, I am aware.) The song I chose, because for me, it had the most imagery out of the 30-something songs of theirs I could think of, was "Monster". This is also the song that I had heard of theirs first, and that made me fall in love with them as a band and as people. So, for your benifit, I have included the lryrics of the song.

"His little whispers.
Love Me. Love Me.
That's all I ask for.
Love Me. Love Me.
He battered his tiny fists to feel something.
Wondered what it's like to touch and feel something.
How should I feel?
Creatures lie here.
Looking through the window...
That night he caged her.
Bruised and broke her.
He struggled closer.
Then he stole her.
Violet wrists and then her ankles.
Silent Pain.
Then he slowly saw their nightmares were his dreams.
How should I feel?
Creatures lie here.
Looking through the windows.
I will.
Hear their voices.
I'm a glass child.
I am Hannah's regrets.
How should I feel?
Turn the sheets down.
Murder ears with pillow lace.
There's bath tubs.
Full of glow flies.
Bathe in kerosene.
Their words tattoed in his veins, yeah."

 And here is the outfit based on those words - 


Inspiration 2
Inspiration 2 by interncineangels on

Outfit Rundown - 
Skirt, Blouse - Nocturnal Treasures
Cage Skirt - Azdaja Boutique
Tights - We Love Colors
Necklace - Shop Handmade
Headbow, Shoes - Angelic Pretty
Bracelets - Amazon

Now some explanation. The focal piece here is the necklace which has the words "Love Me" written on it. The bracelets and tights are based on the line "Violet wrists and then her ankles, silent pain." The purple headbow was added to accent the other purple pieces and make it all flow a bit better. I pictured the skirt worn without a petticoat and with the cage skirt above it. The cage skirt is based on the line "That night he caged her, bruised and broke her." (Lame, I know.) Then, the skirt, blouse, and shoes were chosen based on the color of the cage skirt. (it is black with red trim).

The nice thing about choosing music as your inspiration is that almost no one will know. With this outfit, the only person who would notice what it is based off of would be Miss Courtney, my best friend, and without the necklace, she'd never know. That is why that necklace is a focal piece, because it really tips off that this outfit is inspired by the song.

I must say, this outfit would be a bit impractical due to the cage skirt, but then again, I'd probably wear it anyway. <3

So, what do you girls get inspired by? TV shows? Movies? Books? Poetry, quotes, photography? Let me know!!

As a side note, I would like to say that my Prince and I are together again. The only reason I am saying this is because I am going to have a post up soon about my day with him yesterday, and also because I had stated earlier that I may not feel up to posting due to my emotional condition. Well, I am much much better now because of this, and posting should be back to normal, including tomorrow's Sunday Style, which will be posted on time. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday: Castle Down

Image from
This weeks song is pretty depressing, but admittedly, this was how I was feeling during the prior half of this week. Things are slowly being patched up, gently, lovingly, and I am therefore trying to calm myself and piece back together the fragments of my castle that were torn down between the long-lasting was between my Prince's army and my own. For those of you knowing about our little scuffle, no, we have not yet returned to our relationship, but we will start to date again soon. Also, unrelated to this post, but, I have been re-reading many of Princess Skye's old articles. In case you don't know, Miss Skye is my hero. She is the one I look up to more than anyone else, save possibly my father. She honestly saved me from myself, albeit unknowingly, and she is who convinced me that any girl can be a princess. I'm probably going to have many new articles in list form- which is nice because those are my favorite types of posts, personally! I love lists.

So, back onto topic, without further adiu: "Castle Down" by Emilie Autumn! This is the first song that I've covered in English for this blog, teehee. <3

"You can see that I swim
Through the sea of painful
You have watched as I pull
Myself from the floor
And you were there when I
Built my tower like pebbles in the rain
Trying to balance all that I had left
With what I didn't have anymore

And would you tear my castle down

Stone by stone
And let the wind run through my windows
'Til there was nothing left but a battered rose
And would you tear my castle down
Stone by stone
And let the wind run through my windows
'Til there was nothing left but a battered rose

You seem so devoted

Your love is unconditional
You were self-promoted
I never asked you
You were my everything
My apparitional faith
Where are you when I am screaming to my God
What am I coming to

And would you tear my castle down

Stone by stone
And let the wind run through my windows
'Til there was nothing left but a battered rose
And would you tear my castle down
Stone by stone
And let the wind run through my windows
'Til there was nothing left but a battered rose

If I had another place to go

Would you break me, is it that you know
I have no choice but to rebuild again
I'm tied so hard I can't remember when
I last walked free upon these feet of mine
But I'll draw the line
There will come a time
When I am stronger
Your words won't hurt any longer

And would you tear my castle down

Stone by stone
And let the wind run through my windows
'Til there was nothing left but a battered rose
And would you tear my castle down
Stone by stone
And let the wind run through my windows
'Til there was nothing left but a battered rose

And would you tear my castle down

Stone by stone
And let the wind run through my windows
'Til there was nothing left but a battered rose
And would you tear my castle down
Stone by stone
And let the wind run through my windows
'Til there is nothing nothing left
'Til there is nothing nothing left
'Til there is nothing left
And would you tear my castle down...
Would you tear my castle down...
Would you tear my castle down...?"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

International Princess Day Part 1

Hello my beauties! Firstly I apologize this is being posted so late- I had planned on posting this and another post yesterday, however, my prince and I had been in very murky waters, so to speak, and I found myself incapable of thought, none the less writing. Alas, I am better now, and if you would like to know more about that particular situation, feel free to ask. Anyway, do any of you lovelies know what day tomorrow is? No, no, not Children's Day. No, not Cinco de Mayo either! Ah, my prince's birthday? Why, yes, those are all correct, but that is not what I am referring to! Ah, my dears, tomorrow is....


Yes, that is correct, the day where even girls who are not princesses are allowed to act like it, without any of the proper training or motives. I personally adore this day because I'm able to be extraordinarily feminine and extravagant with my friends who otherwise consider themselves more pauper than princess.

Anyway, my dear friend Miss Theresa and I are both curling our hair and wearing tiaras all day~ as for me, I am going to see how many cliche things I can do, beginning when  first awaken, to the sound of birds through an open window and then eating porridge for my morning meal. Then on lunch I shall eat a (hopefully-non-poisonous!) apple. I am going to continue to try to be as cliche as possible, and, indeed I will be posting all of my adventures tomorrow!

But, truthfully my preperation began today. Firstly, I altered the gown that I will be wearing tomorrow. Secondly, when I was extremely stressed out and frustrated, I went for a run, and ended up gathering all of the flowers I could find, on my lane and in my courtyard, that remind me of my childhood.
I actually like this photo particularly much!
Here I have both white and lavender lilacs, pink and white flowers that grow on bushes that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of, buttercups, purple "weeds" that I love dearly, two red leaves from the dwarf tree in the courtyard that never grows, a giant leaf from the garden bordering the dark forest, grass from the faerie house in the garden and one of the ferns that over took my grandmother's raspberry bushes.

I have also painted my nails and done them up with rhinestones, although I am sure at least one, if not all, of these gems will have fallen off by the time I awaken. Alas, I have tried my best.

They are a deep purple with translucent rhinestones.

So, girls, I am hereby giving you a Princess Challenge! Number two, to be precise. If you celebrate or celebrated International Princess day, how did you celebrate it? What did you do? Pray tell! If you didn't celebrate it, what would you have liked to do? Remember, you could always postpone this day until the weekend or even a month from now if you would really have liked to celebrate it.

Well I am off to finish preparing all that is needed for tomorrow, so goodnight everyone!
Have a happy, lighthearted and cheerful International Princess Day!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Style

I've decided to start another weekly post, to motivate me to post more in-between just Wednesdays. ><;;; Anyway, as the seasons change, many of us experience the urge to buy entirely new wardrobes! But, there are ways to use your winter clothing in the spring, and even summer this time!

Tip: Wear Bloomers as Shorts


I've tried this once this week with a pair of white bloomers with ruffle and bow detailing, and it's defiantly a lot cooler than a dress or skirt! My best friend, Miss Courtney, made the comment "I would feel so naked wearing only bloomers." After much giggling from me, I had to agree with her that it does feel very strange at first- but you get used to it! One thing to beware of- I'm not sure if it was just this particular pair I had that was doing it, but my bloomers kept riding up to be about crotch-length. ><;;; Therefore whenever I stood up I had to adjust them. All in all, I will defiantly be doing this again soon.