Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Style

I've decided to start another weekly post, to motivate me to post more in-between just Wednesdays. ><;;; Anyway, as the seasons change, many of us experience the urge to buy entirely new wardrobes! But, there are ways to use your winter clothing in the spring, and even summer this time!

Tip: Wear Bloomers as Shorts


I've tried this once this week with a pair of white bloomers with ruffle and bow detailing, and it's defiantly a lot cooler than a dress or skirt! My best friend, Miss Courtney, made the comment "I would feel so naked wearing only bloomers." After much giggling from me, I had to agree with her that it does feel very strange at first- but you get used to it! One thing to beware of- I'm not sure if it was just this particular pair I had that was doing it, but my bloomers kept riding up to be about crotch-length. ><;;; Therefore whenever I stood up I had to adjust them. All in all, I will defiantly be doing this again soon.

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