Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Off on a Trip...!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I've not posted in a few days, but I do have a good reason. I have an overnight field trip tomorrow morning! I'm not going to say where I'm going just yet, but I will tell you when I get back, so most likely on Saturday. But, the good part for YOU girls is that you get to see ((dun dun duuuun)) many pictures and two reviews!!

The products I will be reviewing are Avon's Lavander eye pillow, and an Herbal Shampoo set that was purchased in Foxwoods. The set includes shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and a lotion. I like the looks of the ingredient lists- mostly because it does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, often used in shampoos and is known to be very bad for your hair. As for the eye pillow, its simply a lavender silken sack filled with flax seeds and dried lavender flowers. The flax seed is designed to put slight pressure on your under-eyes, which theoretically supposed to reduce bags and puffiness. Lavender is a known natural relaxant and is designed to calm you. The package that the pouch came in used the examples of jet-lag and long, stressfull nights. Well, I fear this could be both, ahah.

Although I said I would not be revealing the location until after I return home, I will reveal the basic information of what we are doing. Firstly, we are visiting two museums, then going to our hotel for the first time. From there, we *should* have a bit of time to get changed, freshen up, or generally just chill out. Then there is the part that I am most exited about- A Medieval Nights Dinner Show!!!!

I'm extremely exited about this. Basically it is dinner- with a twist. In the theme of being Medieval, you must eat with your hands. While I am not so exited about this part, I am exited about the fact that it is set up like a royal court- complete with "cast" members that compete in competitions! And while they are cast members, they are not acting. They are really trying to go against each other! There are seven competitions total, although the only one I know details about is the fact that there will be jousting.

So that will be my trip. I will post in MUCH more detail upon my return.

And now, even though this is not the main part of this post, I would like to tell you a little bit about my day. I had been very nervous about going on this trip since Monday, and it only made it worse that my Prince was not going and was staying home. I was feeling very stressed out and nervous, but after our mothers conversed a bit, his mother, Miss Stacey, offered for me to come over after school- even though she would not be home for the majority of the day- as long as we would agree to help my Prince's little brother, Jay, watch their baby sister Tori. Of coarse I said yes, although I knew it would be uncomfortable to be in a house alone with two boys watching a two-year-old girl. But at the same time, I felt safe as I knew neither of them would make me uncomfortable or "try anything", so to speak, that I wouldn't agree to.

Well, to sum it up, I had a wonderful time. While Jay was watching Tori, my Prince and I were up in his bed chambers and he somehow had convinced me to play a shooting game with him. Although I do love video games, I had never ever played a shooting game before, neither did I want to. But, with a bit of convincing, I agreed. He had to teach me every single control in the game, but I know that he didn't mind and he wanted me to learn. While teaching me the controls, he says "Now shoot me." In panic, I looked at him and said "What?! N-No!" With a grin on his face, he replied, dead seriously, "Shoot me before I shoot you!" and began to try to shoot me in-game. Naturally I fought back and ended up killing him. While I was busy frantically apologizing, "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!!!", he grinned again and said "No, that was great! Good job!!"

Then he brought out the "bots", as in the actual enemies, as we were fighting on a team. Well I was a little worried, but I got very used to it after a while. At first I was doing bad and he had to give me tips, the most important being "See, don't stand out in the open like that. Go into one of the hallways or up the stairs." Eventually he built a fort by blasting out some of the walls with a rocket launcher, then had us both hide in it. One thing I found very funny was him being protective of me, even in a game! At one point I got killed and he said "Let me kill that mother****er." I said, "Why?" and he replied, in a half-mumble, "No one shoots my girl... only I can shoot my girl." Although he meant it as a serious statement, I could not help myself from laughing!

In the end of the game, I had a kill count of about 18 or 19, while his was at 22 or 23. He was pretty surprised, (( "I've never seen a girl do so good on her first try!", and yes, he is a bit sexist at times.)) and he seemed proud of me, which made me very happy, although I continuously thought during game play, "Wow, A princess killing people. A bit off.", but upon remembering Sniper Nyan of Aesthetic Lolita, I realized that it may well be alright. Even if it felt strange for me, I was happy to have done well with something I was uncomfortable with. That, in my opinion, has always been what I've felt being a princess is all about, being willing to try anything and perfecting any skill that fancies her. The sad thing is that I'm not even sure what game we were playing!! ((Although I'm fairly certain that it is called Dead Lock))

(((This next part is not very lady-like, so please skip it if you will be insulted.)))

After that, I explained to him that I was nervous about leaving. He told me that he didn't exactly like it either, but that everything would be alright. He held me and somehow we ended up French kissing in his bed. As vulgar as it sounds, it made me feel safe and happy and comfortable. I don't remember ever feeling that loved.

Why am I telling this, you may ask? Well I would like to prove that no princess is perfect. I often let my lady-like repertoire slip for the sake of romance. I will act vulgar and inappropriate and generally like a teenager ((albeit a respectable one)) if it will make me comfortable and happy. Although many times I refrain from doing something for the simple reason "Well a true lady wouldn't do that," love is not one of those cases. I am willing to act as wrong as necessary to make sure that I am happy, and you should all be willing to do that as well.

In conclusion, I will post when I am back, and please wish me luck and a safe trip. <3


  1. I like your blog a lot, but one thing. Why do you always make teenagers out as if they *all* are complete whores, and you are only not a whore if you are a princess? I do not wear dresses, but I certainly do not walk around wearing short skirts and shorts that are so short... well, you know. It seems very judgemental to me, really... I know there are a lot of teenages that would do that, but at the same time, there are also teenagers that wouldn't, like me.
    But yes, I love your blog a lot and I'm giving you a lot of respect!

  2. "I'm fourteen. Everybody except me is a whore. All teenagers are whores. I frenched with my boyfriend, but it's okay, because I love him!"

    LOL. Do you even know the definition of a whore? You should go look it up...

    Not all teenagers are whores, hon. There are a lot of teenagers who are afraid to do anything close to frenching and wearing inappropriate clothing and doing inappropriate things. Do you wear dresses and revealing clothing and do inappropriate things? Just because you're a princess, you aren't a whore? Lmao. Think of you if you WEREN'T a 'princess'; you'd be calling YOURSELF a whore.

    There are people like me who don't wear dresses or revealing clothing on a daily basis and think that frenching is a bit out-of-line for any teenager...and then, there are people like you who think "OH, I am in LOVE, we're gonna be together FOREVER! I should french him to let him know how much he means to me~~~!"

    You make me laugh.
    Kay, I think I'm done now.
    Sorry to offend, but life is life, and I wanted to tell you how it is. You're a teenager, and you're not left out of the "EVERYONE IS A WHORE" teenaged category. Everyone isn't.

    There are some who are defined to be whores, and there are some who are defined to not be whores.

  3. I'm sorry to say it, but SLS isn't that bad for your hair. At all. It's bad if you have sensitive skin, Eczema or Asthma, but it's not bad. at all. My mom's friend works for a shampoo company. /:

  4. I cannot consider a fashion that can cause you to be sexually assaulted, raped or cause car crashes to be "modest" and not "Whore-ish"

  5. LOLOLOLOLOL I see you typing but all I see is bitchbitchbitchbitchbitch. <3

    I honestly don't give a flying fuck, so go talk to someone who does, Kaykay? <3

    Have a lovely evening.

  6. You're so mature, modest and proper, then you speak like that? Oh, amazing princess you are. Honestly, that's how every teenager speaks out there.

  7. I came to your blog post to talk to you more about how much of an improper "princess" you are and how you think you're SO smart when overusing commas isn't smart, whatsoever...
    but, Firefox died. I don't think even firefox likes you. How unfortunate.
    You aren't proper, you can't sing, you're not no princess, and you aren't the smartest, either.

  8. Hah. Wasn't that a mature response, "princess" Addie?

  9. If all you can see is "bitchbitchbitch" then you need your eyes tested. We were not rude to you at all, we were simply explaining that not all teenagers are whores. And we never used the word "bitch" once. Do you maybe need your glasses?


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