Tuesday, May 4, 2010

International Princess Day Part 1

Hello my beauties! Firstly I apologize this is being posted so late- I had planned on posting this and another post yesterday, however, my prince and I had been in very murky waters, so to speak, and I found myself incapable of thought, none the less writing. Alas, I am better now, and if you would like to know more about that particular situation, feel free to ask. Anyway, do any of you lovelies know what day tomorrow is? No, no, not Children's Day. No, not Cinco de Mayo either! Ah, my prince's birthday? Why, yes, those are all correct, but that is not what I am referring to! Ah, my dears, tomorrow is....


Yes, that is correct, the day where even girls who are not princesses are allowed to act like it, without any of the proper training or motives. I personally adore this day because I'm able to be extraordinarily feminine and extravagant with my friends who otherwise consider themselves more pauper than princess.

Anyway, my dear friend Miss Theresa and I are both curling our hair and wearing tiaras all day~ as for me, I am going to see how many cliche things I can do, beginning when  first awaken, to the sound of birds through an open window and then eating porridge for my morning meal. Then on lunch I shall eat a (hopefully-non-poisonous!) apple. I am going to continue to try to be as cliche as possible, and, indeed I will be posting all of my adventures tomorrow!

But, truthfully my preperation began today. Firstly, I altered the gown that I will be wearing tomorrow. Secondly, when I was extremely stressed out and frustrated, I went for a run, and ended up gathering all of the flowers I could find, on my lane and in my courtyard, that remind me of my childhood.
I actually like this photo particularly much!
Here I have both white and lavender lilacs, pink and white flowers that grow on bushes that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of, buttercups, purple "weeds" that I love dearly, two red leaves from the dwarf tree in the courtyard that never grows, a giant leaf from the garden bordering the dark forest, grass from the faerie house in the garden and one of the ferns that over took my grandmother's raspberry bushes.

I have also painted my nails and done them up with rhinestones, although I am sure at least one, if not all, of these gems will have fallen off by the time I awaken. Alas, I have tried my best.

They are a deep purple with translucent rhinestones.

So, girls, I am hereby giving you a Princess Challenge! Number two, to be precise. If you celebrate or celebrated International Princess day, how did you celebrate it? What did you do? Pray tell! If you didn't celebrate it, what would you have liked to do? Remember, you could always postpone this day until the weekend or even a month from now if you would really have liked to celebrate it.

Well I am off to finish preparing all that is needed for tomorrow, so goodnight everyone!
Have a happy, lighthearted and cheerful International Princess Day!

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