About Me

Just a more recent photo of myself. <3
Hello! My name is Princess Addison Sebastianne, mostly known as Addie. I am a follower of Lolita fashion and lifestyle, as well as my own take on a princess lifestyle. I enjoy swimming, drawing, animating, reading, and music, as well as stand-up comedy. I have many different interests besides these, so if you would like to know more, feel free to ask me, or just comment and get to know me! I'm always willing to make new friends.

Name: Addison Sebastianne
Hair: Caramel
Eyes: Hazel ((Blue-x-Green))
Height: 5'0 ((60 inches, 152 centimeters, tiny tiny tiny.))
Weight: About 108-110 pounds
Measurments: 34", 27", 35" ((86 cm, 68 cm, 88 cm))

The colors in my Lolita wardrobe are red, purple, pink, sax, black, white, and cream. I also tend to mix my lolita clothes with my regular clothes and I wear casual lolita many days a week. Therefor I also wear colors like blue and grey and yellow.

 I love walking around in forests or fields and my favorite places are in the ocean or lakes, and by one particular river, pictured to the right. This is my absolute favorite place. I adore it because of the tranquil peace it reverberates and also the fact that many of the experiences that have made me who I am today happened here. This shows one small section of the river, the portion under the bridge, however, many of my photographs are taken by this river and you just don't know it.

((This was taken Monday, May 17, 2010))
This is an example of one of the photos taken at the river. This was taken a long long while down the river ((About 200 yards or so, possibly more.)) This is a little hole in a tree that I found when I was left all alone and crying. I had let my composure slip and was hiding away by the water when I saw this door. From then on, I believed that a small faerie lives in this old hollow tree, and whenever I peek in to visit her, she hides. She doesn't yet know that I am one of the few people left in the world who would appreciate her for the mystic beauty she is. But alas, one day I will meet this water faerie!!

How to Contact:

E-mail:   flowergirl10123@yahoo.com
Skype:   hirarin-chan
DeviantArt:   Mew-Mew-Berry
Youtube:   MewBerrry and HirarinxLightBell ((for old fandubs and songs))
Livejournal:   petite_berri