Saturday, August 28, 2010

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation Review

So today I purchased Maybelline's "Dream Smooth Mousse" Foundation, as part of my "back to school" shopping. So here's my review! I literally just tried it out, so my opinion of it could change with more use, but this is my opinion for now.


It comes in sort of a plastic jar with a compartment in the top that opens with a button. I don't mind the packaging, but I would prefer if there was an obvious "upside-down" and "right-side-up" with this jar. >> Also, the compartment takes up about 2/3s of the total jar. I would prefer it thinner, or maybe if the jar was bigger so more of the actual product was here.


I purchased mine for about eight dollars (USD) at a Target store. I think this is pretty fair.


The colors aren't very varied, honestly. All of the ones I've seen thus far are yellow-based. Which is fine, for me, as my skin is yellow-based (or, right now it is.... tanned. >>), but there really should be some pink-based tones as well.

Now, this was completely my mistake, but I actually purchased the wrong color. I just realized how tanned I am right now, and therefor the second fall comes, I'm going to have to purchase a lighter color... luckily, the color perfectly matches my mother's skin tone! And she apparently has many problems with finding makeup that matches her skin tone.


The little compartment on the top of the jar contains this sponge-type thing intended for easy-application. This thing gave me hell, pardon my language. It did not provide easy application. It streaked very harshly, no matter what I tried to do with it. Some people suggest just applying with your fingers, however, this didn't work for me either. >> In the end, I just used one of my brushes. A round blush-brush, but I used it as sort of a stippling brush.

It has a very nice consistency, I must say! It's not too liquid-y, nor is it powder-y. It is almost like a cream, very, very nice. It goes on smooth, and stays that way, at least thus far. I've had it on for about an hour now and it still looks lovely! It also looks fine with makeup over it, as I found out by testing a Revlon blush I also purchased today.

All in all, a pretty good foundation! I'll continue to use this until I'm unable to due to my tan going away, in the event of which I'm probably just going to buy the same foundation in a different color!

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