Sunday, August 15, 2010

Daily Blog- August 15, 2010

So, although I generally try to keep my personal life from this blog, that forces me to not post very often at all. I'm going to try to write a post every day, (keyword: "try"), whether informational or personal. Today, it's a personal post.

Yesterday I came down with a fever, and it didn't lighten at all today, so I was forced to miss a bridal shower that all the other ladies in my household attended. Since I could not attend, my dear grandmother gave me the "prize" she had one, that white teapot filled with flowers!! It was a wonderful surprise, and it looks just perfect on my teatable! ((Please pardon the mess on the couch behind the table- I need to clean tomorrow, as you can tell. ^^;;;)) My mother and grandmother were at the shower with my Aunt, my uncle took our "guest", Steven, on a bike ride, and my grandfather was golfing this morning, so when I awoke, it was just me and my father in the house. I was feeling very sick, so I mainly just lazed around in the morning, ahaha. I stayed in bed, reading blogs and stories on my PSP, and text-messaging my prince and his friend (my ex-boyfriend), Adam.

Last night, my prince, Randy, was staying the night at Adam's house and they decided to "prank call" me. At first I knew it was them, so I wasn't frightened at all, I just laughed it off. However I was curious as to who's phone they were using, since I have Adam's home phone number programed into my phone, and Randy's cell phone programmed as well. However, when Randy called me on his cellphone and I asked about it, they said "you're getting phone calls?" and things like "it isn't us," and "who's phone would we be using?" From there on out I started to be frightened. This person sending me text and picture messages seemed to be "an admirer". I recognized the first three digits of their phone number, so I knew which town they were from. They were saying things that scared me a little bit. For instance, when I asked "Who are you?", the reply that came was "Someone who wants you badly."

I continued messaging this person for hours. The pranks started around eleven o' clock pm and continued on until about two am. This person was telling me things like "You're pretty, smart, and kind and Randy doesn't deserve you. He's so rude to you all the time." ((To which I replied "So what? He loves me.")), telling me they loved me, thought I was hot, and that I had pretty eyes and such. I don't receive these types of compliments often, so I was slightly tied between absolute terror and flattery. Randy texted me asking things like "Any news on the creep?", and told me "Do anything to find out who it is."

After a while, this person, who had been labeled simply as "Creep." in my phone's contact list, stopped messaging me, so I asked "Are you awake?" and he said "No...", to which I replied "Well then you're pretty damn good at texting in your sleep.", to which I received "Hahaha, that's another reason I love you, you're so funny."  For some reason this comment set me off. It annoyed me. I didn't want to be loved by someone I wasn't even sure if I knew. I put it off and continued talking, trying to figure out who it was. They asked for a picture. I sent one, keeping in mind Randy's comment to "do anything"....

A while later, after more talking, I recieved a message saying "ADDIE, you passed with a B+" my reply was ".....???" "You were just tested to see if you would cheat on ME." "Wait, cheat on you...?" "This is Randy."  To be honest, I became a complete child, then, swearing and all. It was extremely immature of me, and of coarse I regret it. "I. F****ING. HATE YOU." "Why? I was just testing you." "You promised me it wasn't you!!!"  "I understand, but it's tough love, babycakes. I just needed to know."  Him calling me "babycakes", a rarely-used petname, tells me even he knew he messed up. It didn't make it any better, though. The rest of the conversation was mostly repeats of that, up until "...I'm mostly upset because, everything you said... it was all fake..." ((This next one is copied word for word, since I saved it to my phone, ahaha)) "Like your eyes being gorgeous? I love your eyes and you are my precious."

To be honest, my heart melted right then. ♥  It's always been something of a romantic fantasy of mine to be told that I'm precious to someone. In my mind, that's the ultimate compliment.

However, they were still very cruel to me. ><   ahaha, It's laughable now, but I was very hurt at the time!!

It's getting late now, so I must take my leave, but I'll try to write a more productive post tomorrow morning!!

With Love,


  1. Hmmmm, you're boyfriend sounds kind of......iffy.

  2. Learn how to spell "Course".
    Coarse means rough or lumpy.
    Course is course. As in, "Of course." or "I'm taking a course" You just got owned in spelling by someone at least two years younger than you. Once you do that, THEN I'll believe you are a "princess". Actually, no I won't. Because in your last entry, you didn't underline that you liked to be helpful. A princess is a helpful person, you don't become a princess because you want to wear fancy dresses. At least study the meaning of the word. If a princess wasn't wearing a dress, would she still be a princess?

  3. @ Delano- Yes, I agree with you, he can be a little... iffy, sometimes. Although I do understand why he was doing it, and due to certain circumstances, I understand why he did it.

    @ Colouless- I'm not entirely sure who you're calling an idiot, so I can't honestly reply to this.

    @ Fifi - I'm sorry, but princesses are /human/. We're not some superhuman being. We make mistakes. And age is meaningless to me, so your argument of "I'm two years younger than you!!!!" does not effect me in the slightest.
    Next rebut- "You didn't underline being helpful and a princess is a helpful person!!" Okay, let's see- Cinderella was not helpful, at least not of her own choice. Briar Rose ((commonly known as Sleeping Beauty)) was not helpful at all. She was a damsel in distress. That is not the image that I attempt to live up to, however, those examples were to prove my point.

    Being a princess, to me and many other people, is about having an "old-worldly" charm and living up to YOUR OWN IDEALS. If my ideal is not to be helpful, who are you to tell me otherwise? In my opinion, that's a very selfish thing of you to do, to tell someone else that their ideals are wrong.

  4. @ Fifi -- ALSO, upon re-evaluating the post you were refering to, there is not even a segment that says "you love to be helpful". The line that I am going to assume you were reffering you states "You love to help people in need."

    The reason I did not underline this is because I do not have the resources to help most people considered "in need". I do not have money to give to the poor, nor a home to give to the homeless. Also, my standards for helping someone are not based solely on if they are "in need", the main deciding factor for me is "do they deserve the help I am giving them, and will it set me back terribly to help them?"

    My standards are high like that due to personal experience. My mother allowed a "recovering" drug-addict into our home, against both me and my father's consent, and because of this we lost our house, and she returned to drugs. It also caused many "internal", family issues such as mistrust and avoidance, and also set my family back thousands of dollars that could and should have been spent elsewhere. So yes, my standards for "being helpful" are high, however, with good reason.

  5. And... point is? Our family has very little money, I have an alcoholic father and a mother that quite frankly, doesn't seem to care about me. I still like to help people but, whatever. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose. c: ...That wasn't supposed to sound sarcastic. >.>


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