Sunday, August 8, 2010

How To Use Fake Nails

A cool set of falsies found via google. <3

♥  Buy or make a set of fake nails. I make my own.

♥ Apply nail glue to the bottom of the false nails, all across the nail, and up until about 3/4ths of the way.

♥ Blow on the glue for just a few seconds to help make glue tacky.

♥ Press onto your nail and hold it on with some pressure for about 20 seconds.

♥ Repeat on all nails.


♥ If you want to keep the nails when you're done, fill your sink with water as warm as your hands can stand without being overly uncomfortable. If you do not want to keep the nails, fill a bowl about half-way with non-acetone nailpolish remover. You really only need enough to fit all of your fingers in at once, at least on one hand at a time.

♥ Soak your nails in your remover of choice. If you are using polish remover, soak until your nails have a sort of "melty" feeling to them and carefully pull them off. If they do not peel easily or are painful, soak them until they aren't. If you are using water, soak them until part of the nail comes off, then pull the nails off, very carefully. Warning: Chances are, both of these methods will ruin your natural nails. I've yet to find a way that doesn't damage my nails at least slightly. However, the polish remover method is less damaging, but more expensive. ((you have to pay for a new set of nails and also nail polish remover.)) Basically, if you only plan on wearing fake nails once, use the polish remover method. But if you plan on using them regularly, use the water method.

♥ Apply lotion to your natural nails. Chances are they aren't looking too good right now.

♥ You may wish to go the extra step and apply a different substance to your nails to heal them a little more. I use Avon's Overnight Salt Water Nail Treatment.


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