Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Maine Trip: Day Two

Day two was a relatively boring and gloomy day. It was raining and since it was Sunday, I was repetitively and melodramatically singing the song "Gloomy Sunday" all throughout the car ride to downtown Bangor. :P

We went to an indoor antique flea-market. It was a huuuuge building! The store had two floors, as well, one ground-level, and the other basement. I purchased a set of five handkerchiefs, a necklace made of white pearl beads splatter-painted with gold paint, a pink and white lace negligee, and a mint teacup that I later discovered is most likely from Japan in the 1930's- and worth more than triple what we payed for it!! ^^

Even though we didn't purchase much, we were in the store for such a long time!! TT^TT  A couple of hours at least!! But it was well worth it! Also there is a cafe inside of the store, they sell drinks and sandwiches, cookies and the like. We only ordered drinks, but all of their food looked very good!

Then we crossed the street and walked for a little, coming across a cute store called Bella Luna. It's a clothing store that we went inside and shopped for a while in. I tried on so many different clothes, because there were things that I wanted to try on, and also the things my grandmother wanted me to try on. In the end I got a crimson-red dress that is very flattering on me, and a black cardigan that had a very pretty pattern screen-printed onto it in white, and also a dragonfly pin to match the dress! ^^

For dinner we had steak, baked potatoes, and vegetables, along with which I learned I do not like steak. ><  Also we baked cookies!! They were delicious!

We were going to watch the movie Invictus, but my grandpa Russ accidentally returned that movie instead of returning the one we had watched the previous day. ><   SO instead, we decided to watch the first half of Pride and Prejudice.  I liked it a lot, but didn't get too into it the first day.

I didn't take any pictures or video that day, so I must take my leave now. ^^

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