Friday, July 9, 2010

Food for Thought: Itas and New Lolitas

Just a short post today, since I am in the midst of packing, but I've been reading an awful lot lately on ita girls and new lolitas not exactly "hitting the mark" on what is lolita and what is not. The large amounts of posts on this topic lately is vastly due to the fact that many conventions are taking place lately, since it's summer vacation! ((cheering ensues. teehee <3))

At any rate, I enjoy reading posts on the blog Ramble Rori, but one sentence of Christina, the authors, newest post, Conventions & Brand Power, just gets to me:

"I don't want to exclude people, but wearing an outfit that clearly isn' Lolita and calling it Lolita is incorrect. When something isn't blue, you're not going to call it blue, are you? "

Well, that honestly depends. If you lack the knowledge of what blue is, you would, indeed, call something blue that is instead, let's say, red. For instance, a very small child may know the word blue, but not know what the color blue looks like. Or, a foreigner could think that "blue" and "blew" are the same, although they are not. Finally, something could appear to be blue, but really be, let's say, purple. Such as blueberries. From a human eye, they appear to be blue, however, under a microscope, you can see that their color is truly in the purple section of the color spectrum.

What does all this mean, when applied to Lolita, or really, any fashion?

Well, basically, itas would not be itas if not for their lack of knowledge. Generally, people don't classify something as lolita just to get a rise out of us, because no one generally would say something to an ita's face that could be even remotely classified as a "rise". If someone were to teach them really what is lolita and what is not, they would not be calling certain cosplays lolita. Or, you could just wait. Sometimes ((many times.)), an ita will eventually come across something that will make them see the errors in their coordinates and they will slowly change from ita to lolita.

Now, I'm not promoting anyone to spend their time teaching itas what lolita really is. No. I am not suggesting that in the least. I'm simply trying to say that if they had the proper knowledge, they wouldn't be itas.

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