Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Astrology #2- Numerology

Today I'm talking about another Astrology topic. ^^ Also, I'm going on a short "vacation" with Miss Meghan's family until Saturday, and therefore I won't be able to post daily until Saturday or possibly Sunday, depending on how I feel when I get back.

So today I'm talking about, you got it, Numerology!

Numerology is the use of relating live or physical objects to numbers. This can tell your fate, or help you make important choices in life. The type of Numerology that I prefer is based on an alphebetic system. It tells your "purpose", destiny, etc. by taking all of the letters in your name and adding them up. Each letter represents a different number, up to nine. The values are as follows, in numerical order:

1= a, j, s; 2= b, k, t; 3= c, l, u; 4= d, m, v; 5= e, n, w; 6= f, o, x; 7= g, p, y; 8= h, q, z; 9= i, r

 Once you have all of the letters valued, you must sum them, until you end up with a small number. I can't tell you the limit, because some places say single digit, but some say one through eleven, and also twenty-two. The form I follow is 1-11+22. Following that system, my numerology number is 11. Here is the definition of 11 as given by this Facebook Application.

Your Life Path Number represents the path you should take through life and the talents and skills you have to make your journey a rewarding one.

In Numerology the Number 11 represents the "Spiritual Messenger." Those carrying an 11 in their chart are in some way, or possibly every way, on a journey of spiritual enlightenment meant to bring divine insights to us all.

Having the Master Number 11 as your Life Path makes you an inspiration to others. Your high energy and enthusiasm is both contagious and magnetic. You are on a journey of spiritual exploration and those around you await the answers you find.

Positive Traits

Intuitive, Sensitive, Bright, Visionary, Spiritual, Uplifting, Creative, Inspirational, Optimistic

Negative Traits



Tarot: Justice
Sagittarius, Aquarius, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury
I Ching:
#63 Chi Chi
Tree of Life:

Hebrew Letter:
Air and Diamonds
Blue and White
Ruby Red, Violet, Iridescence, Silver
Mother of Pearl
Week Day:
Lucky Numbers:
29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74, 83, 92, 101

There were a few very interesting things listed here, for me!  One of them is that my Tarot card is Justice. As a Libra, I am consequently always acting a peace-maker. It's really in my blood. >< In fact, in sixth grade, everyone was given some type of award, and I was awarded the peace-maker, voted by most of my classmates. ><;;; My teacher even gave a small speech about it! Uwaaa.

Another "funny" factor, for me, is that my Flora is the Lilly. Lillies have been very important to me since about fourth grade, when I became very fond of the name Lilly. Because of this, Lilly is the name of several of my characters, and was the main character of the first movie Ms. Courtney and I ever planned on making!! We are remaking that movie now, by the way. ^^ It's called Lilly's Destiny.

Also, I literally laughed out loud at "Negative Traits- None"  ahaha

Finally, eleven was my "team number" in softball in third grade! >< ((I despised softball, by the way, that's why I never talk about it.))

So, have a good rest of the week, darlings, and I'll update as soon as I can. <3 I love you all!

With love,

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